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HNS Apparel Co.

Started when i was forced to Man the fuck up and take care of business. After leaving my career of 15yrs, I soon realized that going into business for yourself isn't for everyone.
With what I thought was a plan and sheer determination, I left my safety net and comfort for a dream and the unknown. Having no background In business I left everything I knew and opened a gym (HNS Training Facility).
After a few years of being open and having amazing support and feedback from the community, I decided to start HNS Apparel. I wanted to start a clothing brand that would speak to others and make them feel the way I did when trying to conquer the day.
Having no background in graphic design or working with Apparel, I decide to do the research and put in the work. A few months later HNS Apparel was born! All designs are personally made by me and pressed/shipped in house as well.
I design apparel for the everyday Hustler that isn't afraid to get their hands dirty and put in the work.

Our message is simple, the
If that's you and you can relate, then welcome and glad to have you as part of the HNS fam!
-Daniel Benavides